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A new generation of photoelectric switch toggle switch and manufacturing process using integrated circuit technology and the appearance of SMT device

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Toggle switch with integrated circuit technology and SMT surface mount technology and manufacturing of a new generation of photoelectric switches, with delay and broadening, synchronization, anti interference, high reliability, stable working area and self diagnose function. This novel photoelectric switch is a kind of the pulse modulation of the active optical detection system electronic switch, by the use of cold light source with infrared and red light, green light and blue light can be non-contact, no damage to rapidly and various solid, liquid, transparent body, bold, soft body and smoke control and material state and action.
Drive water proof switch contact type travel switch response speed is low, poor accuracy, contact detection easily damaged by the test material and the short life of the shortcomings, and transistor proximity switch is a short distance, cannot directly detect non-metallic materials. However, the new type photoelectric switch overcomes the above disadvantages, and has the advantages of small size, long life, high accuracy, fast response, high detection distance and strong anti-interference ability.
Toggle switch of variety and mechanical performance specifications of the toggle switch is through the toggle switch handle to make the circuit be switched on or off, so as to achieve the purpose of switching circuit. Toggle switch commonly used varieties of unipolar double pole three, bipolar double and bipolar etc.. It is often used in the low-voltage circuit, has the characteristics of movement of the slider is flexible and stable and reliable performance.