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The main components of the toggle switch

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The toggle switch mainly consists of the following components of the corresponding process after assembly:
1 steel (material: General Iron; processing: by electroplating or pot black process, so as to prevent the oxidation of)
2 plastic handle (material: General POM material, such as fire retardant and high temperature requirements, the PA nylon material processing technology: injection molding).
The 3 terminal (material: General for copper; processing: silver plating)
4 insulation board (material: electric board; processing technology: stamping forming)
5 contact chip (material: General for copper; processing: silver plating)
6 circular bead (material: general stainless steel; processing: nickel plating)
7 slingshot (material: bronze; process: Stamping)
8. Decorative oil (material: red or green chemical oil a, smear in the contact parts of the terminals and the bottom plate, a decorative role. General requirements for non-toxic, environmentally friendly)