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The key principle of electronic touch switch

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Tact switch is electronic switch of a species, also known as button switch, belongs to the micro current switch, is under the modern electronic components, configure in low voltage distribution network and electronic products and household appliances, this paper explain the touch switch principle, in order to provide a reference.
Tact switch principle of work, the working principle of the fact and the general button switch almost, by the normally open contact and the normally closed contact combination and become, a kind of is to use gently press the switch button can be the switch is turned on, when loosens to open a hand when the switch is disconnected, the internal structure is by metal shrapnel by force changes to achieve the on-off. The other is the role of normally open contacts, is when the pressure to the normally open contact, the circuit is presented on the state; when the pressure to withdraw, it is restored to the original normally closed contact, it is called off. This pressure is in our hands to open button, the button to close the action and principle of sum up of the light touch switch is you press down guide through, playing up to disconnect.