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How to distinguish the quality of electronic switch

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The following three ways to identify the quality of electronic switches, in the purchase of electronic switches, can help you in the shortest time, to identify the good or bad switch products, we come together to see:
1: good switch to have good material
Electronic switch material mainly look at the appearance of material and internal metal materials.
Appearance material: PC material is polycarbonate resin, is the most widely used engineering plastics material, has outstanding impact resistance, not easy deformation, high stability, heat resistance, low water absorption, non-toxic, etc.. PC material is good or bad for the switch socket of the safety and durability are very critical. Judge the quality of PC material, to see whether the surface of the plastic part has a good appearance and gloss, no air bubbles, cracks, shrinkage, stroke, stains, mixed color, obvious deformation and other defects. Press, with good elasticity and toughness.
Metal material: copper internal commonly used high quality switch tin phosphor bronze and brass two. Tin Phosphorus Bronze commonly known as copper, the appearance of purplish red. This Jiuzheng home network that high-quality tin phosphor bronze surface should have good metallic luster, good elasticity and anti collapse ability, is not easy to be broken. Characteristics of tin phosphor bronze: elastic, anti fatigue, good electrical conductivity, oxidation resistance, durability.
2: good material should have good feel
Press the switch when the smooth, feel good, crisp sound, no block, block, side side light weight and other undesirable phenomena. Reliable structure, open and close flexible, reset good, feel good.
3: electronic switch security
Electronic switches for the entire product is small, but its security is also important. High quality electronic switches can do the protection of electrical products, from the point of view of security, the performance of a variety of electronic products, electronic products, R & D and production of a variety of different specifications of electronic switches.