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Chifung electronic key button switch, touch button switch manufacturers _ professional fast, leading industry

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Dongguan Yan Fung Electronics Co., Ltd. belonging to Hong Kong Chi Fung Group, founded in 1997, since its inception has been focused on the production and processing of electronic switch, tact switch manufacturing. Products passed the quality, environment and hazardous material management system certification! Exported to foreign countries and regions! Widely used in audio and video products, digital products, remote control, communications products, home appliances, security products, toys, computer products and fitness equipment, etc..

Professional production is the core of the development of the company, and the team innovation mode is the key to the professional. ChiFung electronic focus on more professional production as the goal, innovation of the distinctive button electronic switch, touch switch button and a toggle switch, promote adaptation at the request of the electronics industry, fast from raw materials, production, processing a series of services. Strengthen the construction of the team and the production base of the protection, improve the social service ability.

Electronic switch procurement wholesale to find a play, the world's leading enterprises!

Button switch: PS series TS series

Toggle switch: SSH1 series SSH2 series SSH4 series SSV1 series SSV2 series SSV4 series