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The use range of key switch and note

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Use range:
1 video products: MP3, MP4, DVD. audio;
2 digital products: digital camera, digital camera, etc.;
3 remote control: volume, vehicle door, remote control of home security products;
4 communication products: mobile phone, car phone, telephone, building equipment, PDA etc.;
5 home appliances: TV, microwave oven, rice cooker, electric wind, electronic human scale, electronic fat scale, etc.;
6 security products: visual intercom, monitor, etc.;
7 toys: electronic toys, etc.;
8 computer products: camera, recording pen, etc.;
9 fitness equipment: run machine, massage chair, etc.;
10 medical equipment: blood pressure meter, thermometer, hospital call system, etc..
11 other: banknote pen, laser pen etc..
1. To touch switch terminal welded, if in the terminal on the applied load, loose because of different conditions, deformation and electrical characteristics of deterioration, please note the use.
2 the use of a printed circuit board and the recommended circuit board, due to the influence of thermal stress will be changed, so please make full confirmation of the welding conditions in advance.
Two for the 3 welding, please return to the first welding part to the normal temperature and then carry on. Continuous heating may cause peripheral part deformation, terminal's loose, fall off and electrical properties.
4 on the condition of welding, the need to confirm the actual mass production conditions.
5 products are designed and manufactured in the condition of DC resistance load. Please confirm the use of other loads [inductive load, capacitive load].
6 printed circuit board mounting hole and mode, please refer to the recommended size of the product map.
7 switch, please use the structure of the switch. Please do not use for mechanical testing function.
8 touch switch operation, if the above provisions applied load switch, will have the possibility of being damaged. Please be careful not to put on the switch above the power.
9 please avoid using the side by side.
10 for flat shaft type, try to press the switch center. The hinge structure, pressing shaft press position will move, please pay special attention to.
11 after the switch is installed, because other parts of the binder hardening, etc. through the heat storage hardening furnace, please contact with the professionals.
12 If the use of the switch of the machine around the material to produce corrosive gases, will have the potential to cause contact with the phenomenon, so please make full confirmation in advance.
13 the contact point of the carbon has the characteristics of the change of the contact resistance due to the thrust load. For the use of the voltage divider circuit, etc., please use the full confirmation.
14 on the closed type of model, the foreign body intrusion, please note.