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Chi Feng Electronics (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, is committed to the development and manufacturing of precision electronic switches, surface mount (SMT) switch. Products are widely used in computer and peripheral industry, audio-visual, communication and personal electronic consumer goods (MP3, digital cameras, etc.). 10 years, the development of the company be in southern China's largest factory specializing in the production of micro switches one of; is the plant a total area of 13000 square meters, central air conditioning plant, large-scale production base of nearly 1000 employees, Nissan up to 1500KPCS Chi Feng Electronic from product development, mold design / production, governance tools design automation equipment, plastic injection molding, metal stamping, production line and integrated operation, to meet customer demand for new products quickly and immediate. The integrity of the quality assurance system, can provide customers with the quality and service. We in the R & D, design, and manufacturing process all use environmentally friendly materials, and to protect the environment, public safety as the primary consideration, hope for human better future contribution to a force. Looking to the future, Feng Zhi is through continuous technological innovation, reduce costs, enhance the competitiveness of the company. To meet customer needs and expectations, further growth as a world-class electronic switch component manufacturers.

Development mileage:

1997: * the establishment of the Boluo Shiwan Zhicheng electronic processing factory, the initial feeding for OEM
2001: * create BOLUO Yuanzhou Zhi Feng Electronics Co., Ltd. (Shiwan Zhicheng revoked), and through ISO9001, ISO14001 certification,                    mainly in the production of computer and peripheral application switch, 90 percent of products kingpin brands in Taiwan computer                        industry;
2002: * become Japan YAMAHA, South Korea LG (Huizhou) designated switch supplier;
           * marketing into the domestic audio and video communication applications (TCL, step by step higher), automotive electronic                                     applications (Huayang Group, Hangsheng,);
2005: * get South Korea LG awarded environmental certification certificate;
2006: * start Dongguan Zhicheng Electronics Co. Ltd. (R & D), the main domestic market and new product development;
           * Lu Chuan founded Guangxi Zhicheng electronic components factory;
2008: * set up in Dongguan,, the company's Electronic Co., Ltd. (Boluo Zhou Zhifeng);
2009: * the company passed ISO/TS-16949:2009, ISO9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004, QC080000:2005 and other system certification;
2010: * the establishment of the Guangxi Lu Chuan County Zhicheng Electronics Co. Ltd. (revocation Zhicheng electronic components                             factory)
2012: *7 month Dongguan Zhicheng Electronics Co. Ltd. was renamed Dongguan Zhicheng Photoelectric Technology Co. ltd.;
           *10 month company through ISO-14001:2004, QC080000:2005, ISO9001:2008 and other systems for audit;

2015: *6 month the establishment of PT CHIFUNG ELECTRONICS INDONESIA;